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DJ Lucky – DJ Lucky is originally from Chicago. He has been living in Cincinnati a little over 2 years attending the University of Cincinnati. I help run the UC Radio Station-Bearcast, and will have a Hip-Hop show titled "Tha Sanctum" on Tuesdays from 7-10pm. DJ Lucky also writes the mainly Hip-Hop column "Jazz, Hop, & Soul" for the School’s paper "The News Record". DJ Lucky has been Djaying for about 7 ½ years, mainly mixtape style. He is currently working on his scratch skills. He also does parties and clubs on occassion. DJ Lucky also promotes any true Hip-Hop group to the fullest, and is always reppin Hip-Hop to the fullest. As his boy Matt D. Aka Bidnis From Herbin’ Life says "I’m Hip-Hop Incarcerated. I live, eat, breath, and sleep Hip-Hop culture and Djaying." DJ Lucky wants all to remember, real DJ’s use Vinyl. Peace, Knowledge, Wisdom & Respect.


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