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DJ Lure aka CB Styles

DJ Lure aka CB Styles


I'm Curtis Birchall AKA DJ Lure or C.B. Styles. I hail from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, where I was an active member of the Hip-Hop and club community for several years. I began Djing in 1994 at local parties, my local skate park and as many did, having countless hours of battles with my crew. After I graduated high school, my partner in crime and I took a trip to Europe in search of embracing Hip-Hop culture worldwide. While I was traveling I went out of my way to see every show I could. World DMC Paris 1999, British Regional Finals, and a rare appearance by the entire Rock Steady Crew, just to list a few. For the last three years I have been living east of Montreal, Quebec attending university. While I have been out here I have made Turntablism and Hip-Hop a way of life. I can be seen playing parties, events and clubs all through out the area. Over the last two years I have also begun to produce my own tracks. I'm now representin the Third Finger Pool out of Cincinnati. ~AWOL 02~


E-Mail address:  curtisbirchall@hotmail.com 



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