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DJ Nate The Great aka Nate Steel



Yo, my name is Nathaniel Lamont Harris. I go by the stage name DJ Nate The Great. I would consider myself a beat addict, blend specialist and overall music junkie. I hail from Cincinnati, Ohio. I was influenced by the likes of Jazzy Jeff, Jam Master Jay, Spinderella and Jazzy Joyce. These influences led me into the Djing game when I was 13. I received my first turntables for Christmas that year. I started out making mix tapes for myself and rocking neighborhood basement parties. It wasn't until I graduated from high school in 1991 and moved to Bowling Green, Ohio that I started taking Djing seriously as a profession. My love is rocking for the college party circuit because they kick it, and old school R&B sets. Being a unique DJ that relied heavily on blending hip hop and r&b accapellas over phat beats, my mix tapes became a hot commodity on the B.G.S.U. campus. I've made mix tapes entitled Blunted Recordings Volume 1-10 spanning from about 1993 to 19999 and plan to continue my mixtapes on CD under a new title starting this summer of 2G. During my time in Bowling Green I gegan an entertaiment organization, Six Foot Productions, to be referred to as The Six Foot Empire as of 2G. We became somewhat famous by throwing parties, selling T-Shirts, and promoting and marketing Blunted Recordings under the Six Foot Logo. My entourage and I kept hip-hop alive in Bowling Green. I now reside in Cincinnati after my years in college and I'm now beginning to turn to the mix board as I build my own recording studio that will be geared mostly towrards underground Hip Hop and abstract r&b. Since moving back to Cincinnati, I've become a member of the underground Hip-Hop group The SupaPowers Brigade. I also represent to the fullest with 3rd Finger Record Pool, on and off the stage. We appear fequently in underground hip hop events in our area. Six Foot still does the party thing in Cleveland, Bowling Green, and of course here in Cincinnati, enlisting the aforementioned groups under the Empire. My first love in this was making mixtapes, which I don't think I will ever stop doing. I pass tapes hand to hand and they can also be found in various record stores in Ohio. As of now I'm an independent DJ, not having a permanent place as far as doing clubs, but I do parties all over the stat much less just here in Cincy. Other than that, myself and a few of Cincy's elite underground DJ's are alive and thriving, working to keep hip hop from dying and doing a fix up job on an injured artform. Open your mind and keep it real! Don't front, just be yourself and kick it! That's my word! Six Foot shall forever represent!!! Nate The Great, Six Foot, 3rd Finger, SupaPowers Yall!! Ralo!


E-Mail address:  sixfoot222@hotmail.com



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