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Rayshawn, The Bomb Productions. Being a dj is a job worth having. Itís something about the power that comes with it. Some people donít realize the importance of a dj. When Iím doing gigs I see I have the power to make people get up & down, make people calm down, or just make people sit down and bob their heads. Also the equipment I invested in really makes them feel it. I got into it because Iím a party promoter. I just got sick and tired of dealing with DJís problems like showing up late playint the wrong music or not having the right speakers. So I nipped all that in the bud. I went out and bought some 1200ís, amps and speakers and got busy instantly. Now not only do I save money doing my own parties, but my company (The Bomb Productions) have a signature. The only thing about being a DJ in Cincinnati, is itís hard to get a lot of stuff on vinyl. Thatís why being a part of 3rd Finger record pool is a life saver. We get a lot of hits in the pool, and also we get it first.


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