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DJ Tuff



Started mixing music at a late age of 20. Got deep into the game in 1995 at Skippers night club putting comedy shows and concerts together for promotion. Started a sound company called Nmosen Productions. Started dj'ing at the Xzibit night club on Reading road. Club closed down and moved to Zell's night club and business was not popping. Started my own club renting the spot called Nelly's lounge. Which was the Bellmont Lounge you know how we twist the flavor. The police was on the spot like doo! doo! so we closed it down. Went to the Ritz night club and got the party started threw a couple concerts in the spot and ran sound for the shows. I went to Southern Ohio College for sound engineering for 1 1/2 years. Learn how to rock the concerts. Started in the mix tape game to hit the masses. U will see me with another night spot in the next couple of years!!!!!!!!!!!

Dj Tuff



E-Mail address: kendricksou@msn.com, & nmosen1@cablespeed.com f



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