For me it started back as a pre-teen. I come from a comical family. I loved practical jokes.  I would hide anywhere in the house and wait up to an hour to jump out and scare someone.  Tricking people on the phone came natural.  Once Mr. Dibbs got rid of the thug in him he was ready to prank.  The idea to do the phone pranks came from a guy in a group we use to produce in late 1991.  One night he let us hear him pranking people and he put them on tape. We thought that was hilarious.  Mr. Dibbs and Mr. Vendetta (Reagan) started collaborating on prank tapes. They called them "Frank The Prank".   They made quite a few and sold them for $5.00 a piece.  It went pretty good until they ran into some legal problems.   I continued mine without taping them.   I taped my 1st few when I pranked a syndicated talk radio show in Cincinnati.   Just being myself I would prank my peeps in the music industry on the daily.  I decided to get Mr. Dibbs involved and prank all of my industry peeps and tape it.   1998 Hello-O! Industry Pranks Vol. One went over as a hit.  So much of a hit people are still requesting Vol. Two.  We will probably release it on Truth Music Progeny sometime in the year 2000.  Watch out when you answer the phone !

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