Basement and Bedroom productions is a way of life for a lot of Hip-Hop purist. We took that concept and formed the Hub-Cap Studios. The name has a dual meaning. Since we are pretty much the center of underground Hip-Hop in Cincinnati we are the Hub. The cap comes from the actual room were we record. I wear a lot of hats and they are all lined along the room on the wall.

Key projects were the recording and production done on Dose Ones album "Hemispheres" and recording on his upcoming project.  Also local talent 5 Deez have done their thing at the Hub-Cap. J. Rawls of Lone Catalyst & Blackstar production has graced the Hub-Cap doing productions for Dose One and some other MCs working on projects with us. Of course Mr. Dibbs of the 1200 HOBOs has used the Hub-Cap for projects for his label "4 Ways 2 Rock".  DJ's in 3rd Finger Record Pool and numerous other groups have graced the walls of caps to record.  

More importantly it is the home of Truth Music Progeny recording artist which include The Storm Children, UnKut, Re-Pete with more to come 

Technically we have what it takes to record a good sound and mix it down to be mastered.  We do hard disk recording with digital or analog output.  We have access to unlimited sounds and samples.

Any one interested in recording at the Hub-Cap call (513) 851-8260 or email us at

Recently Upgraded.  New pictures coming soon ! ! !


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