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Ill DJ


Ill DJ


Its your man The ILL DJ, the musical misfit, the illmatic addict, the master of the perfect blends, and the original ass shaker maker . I claim Columbus, Ohio because that is where I spent most of my life. I am joined the Air Force in 1994, and started Djing in 1996. I play only Hip Hop, R & B, and Reggae. The reason I started spinning is because of necessity. I was living on a small island called Guam. Lets just say that the DJs there were not the best. I figured that I could do better than those clowns. I started out using the Gemini 4700 DJ CD players. It took almost a year for me to gain the skillz and confidence to actually play in public. I was no longer in Guam. I was back in the world. Living in St. Louis, Missouri. 2 years later, in the Y2G, I decided to try spinning wax. I picked up my first pair of 1200s, and it was on. Now Im living in Korea. Im going to be bringing my Hip Hop thing all around the world. I play at 3 different clubs here (Club Korea, The Mustang Club, & The Challenger Club). Ive also been known to throw a party every now and then. My weekly audience varies from 300 to 1200 depending on how many gigs I have that week. Ive gotta give it up to Doo Wop, DJ Juice, DJ Noize, P-Trix & DJ Q-Bert. Those are the baddest DJs...Ever


E-mail address:  illdj@hotmail.com


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