Dear esteemed industry colleagues.  3rd Finger Record Pool (Urban Coalition Core Member) is on the rise and we would like to extend the opportunity to Record Labels to sponsor one of our Monthly meetings.  The sponsorship would entail paying for the meal, lavations, etc  (50 members **$650.00**). We would also like items like shirts, hats, key chains, pens, folders, etc... for all of the DJs in the pool.  In this industry I cant stress enough if you reach out to someone, 9 times out of 10 they will return the love.  Reaching out to 3rd Finger Record Pool DJs would have that type of return.  As the sponsor for the month, your records would be listed as a priority on the meeting notes.  These are the records we are checking for and trying to break in our area (some of your label records may already be listed).  Your label would also receive the floor, providing you have a regional rep present, or artist present.  If not, e-mailing or calling the directors with an agenda of your label's priorities will be presented by the pool directors.  We can even do a conference call.  Our charts and information is everywhere.  You will be listed on the website as our current sponsor and you will be listed on the charts that we e-mail out (to about 1000 industry people) as the sponsor with your priorities.  We also have G-Fresh, DJ Black Earth & DJ Drizzle on Friday Night / Saturday Morning spinning on WAIF 88.3 FM for additional radio play.  The show is broadcast live to the Greater Cincinnati area as well as broadcast live on the internet: or  The show is  "B-Boys Underground"  Friday Night / Saturday Morning 1am-4am.  We also have djs in surrounding areas.


Regardless of sponsorship, we give every record we receive a chance.  The point to stress to Labels is that its very competitive, as you well know.  Wooing DJs can make all of the difference in the world.  We impact our market and our playlists goes to the hands of key retail stores, the urban radio station and the distributor.  To new labels, the Urban Station (WIZF 101.9 FM) rarely responds until we are spinning it and they will tell you that.  DJ Skillz, DJ Perry & DJ Diamond are now on WIZF as a mixshow jock. We also have D.U.H. Street Team / Field Research Team to assist in promotions and label consulting.

New:  $150.00 sponsorship for special attention and monthly feedback from the directors and djs.  Not a full blown sponsorship, but it can be cost effective.  Call!


Interested parties can call 3rd Finger Record Pool (G-Fresh) at (513) 851-8260 or email us at:

Recap of what you get:  The Floor for the sponsored meeting, mention and link on the website ( &, full support on the project from all of 3rd Finger Record Pool DJ's, Detailed charting and feedback information and our power to break records in this market.  Thank you for your time.  G-Fresh - Pool Director.


Pool Director:  G-Fresh.