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Yes sir, Cincinnati's finest laying it down track by track (more producers from all areas coming).  Peep out the beat of the week from the listed producers (all different flavors & styles).  Their e-mails are listed for comments, purchasing, etc...  You can also click on the link below to go to the home page.  Sign the guest list with your comments.  "Feed Me Hip-Hop & I Start Trembling" - Rakim.


To submit tracks for beat of the week send email to:  All beats for the week will be used as music beds with a mention of the producer on the weekly Friday night radio show.  B-Boys Underground WAIF 88.3 FM Friday Night / Saturday Morning 1am-4am EST.  Click this link WWW.WAIFSTREAM.COM


Beat Of The Week (October 23rd, 2006)


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G-Fresh (Truth Music Progeny)


Where Does Music Take U?

DJ Drizzle (3rd Finger Record Pool)


Slow Love



Beat Of The Week 1-8-06





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