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The D.U.H. Promotions Street Team / Field Research Team is committed to promoting quality artists through planning, preparation, and execution of combined promotional efforts.  When we promote an artist, product, or event we realize that we are not only representing D.U.H. Street Promotions but more importantly the client.  In the new millennium everyone wants the most bang for the buck.



Our objective is to create an awareness, or “buzz” at independent & major retail outlets, clubs, hangout spots, malls, commercial (mix show), community & college radio, schools & colleges and video shows.  Also, promotional shows can be arranged through our team.  Our goal: to make the person who is not aware of the artist, product or event the minority.


The set-up process at the street level is the foundation of our strong regional promotion campaign that delivers results.  The process of setting up a record, artist, event or product is critical and some companies execute poorly in this area.  One sheets and bios should be readily available for stores, DJ’s and reviewers.  Vinyl and CD singles should be serviced to key record pools, clubs, and radio.  Most important, distribution outlets, one stops and retail stores should have P.O.P. pricing on product.  For products and events the goal is to saturate the market tastefully to create awareness.  Quite simply, make them aware and make it available.  We prime the pump.  D.U.H. Street Promotions specializes in establishing the strategies and follow-through that is intregal in establishing a high impact image for your artist, event or product.  We have a grid of the cities we promote, the hotspots, clubs, radio shows, video shows, record & retail stores, everything you need to make your product successful, we have the tools.


D.U.H. Street Promotions is the choice

D.U.H. Street Promotions stands out in The Greater Cincinnati Area (Northern Kentucky) and Greater Dayton Area market because our relationships, and our reach encompasses the outer perimeters of these areas including the heart of the city and the all the impacting suburbs.  Everyone in the industry knows how key relationships are.  D.U.H. Street Promotions personnel specialize in building relations and “polticking”.  All have been trained by G-Fresh who knows the value of relationships.  Don’t use a promoter that nobody likes, that doesn’t have solid relationships on the streets!  Choose D.U.H.  Street Promotions!  Sales are generated in these outlying areas as well as the core market.  On the following page is a current list of D.U.H. Promotions Street Promoters.  I say current because our team is ever increasing.  We use others for special assignments & projects, but this is the core team.
D.U.H. Promotions Street Team / Field Research Team:


G-Fresh                                 President (D.U.H., 3rd Finger Record Pool,

                                               Truth Music Progeny &                       

                                               B-Boys Underground WAIF 88.3 FM Friday Nights 2-4am,

                                               Da Open Mind   Session Wednesday Nights 2-5am)

Dashik                                   Cincinnati Street Team Co-Mgr. (3rd Finger Task Force)

Mr. Mohammed                    Cincinnati Street Team Co-Mgr.

Shawn Ogletree                     Columbus Street Team Mgr.

Maria (Pearl Rivers)             Truth Music Assistant

Mad Max                               Mad Max Communications & Wizeguyz Music Store

Big Hoss (WAIF 88.3 FM)

Bizzy Biz (DMC, Midwest Battle for Dj Supremecy))

Terry Philips

Romell (Blacked Out Entertainment)

Hakeem (Blacked Out Entertainment)

Dante (On Impact Entertainment)

J Buck (E Wilder Entertainment)

Jahson (DJ/Producer: Hi Tek Productions/Mission Control Records)

DJ Skillz (Mixshow DJ/Personality on WIZF 100.9 & 3rd Finger Record Pool)

DJ Will (Mixshow DJ WAIF 88.3 FM & 3rd Finger Record Pool)

DJ Lucky (DMC, Midwest Battle for Dj Supremecy))

Jaime Niemier (Abstrakt Ent./Loco Bros Promotions)

DJ Haze (Loco Bros Promotions)

Dirty Ru (Animal Crackers, Scribble Jam)

Nati Noah (Hi Tek Productions, Animal Crackers)

Tom-Tom (3rd Finger Record Pool)

Ka$h (3rd Finger Record Pool)

DJ Nate The Great (3rd Finger Record Pool)

Mix Masta Ace (3rd Finger Record Pool)


3rd Finger Record Pool DJ’s (50 members)

DJ Action Undaground

Black Sheep (WAIF 88.3 FM & Basement Flavor Video Show)

Doug Embry (Urban Reality Video Show)

Sean Jackson (You Must Learn Video Show)

Cherish & Vorá (Daughters of D.U.H.)

Rasta Ron


Rising Sun

Various Young Runners (D.U.H. Runners)


Key Accounts Past & Present:

All American Records


Artemis Dist.

Atlantic Records

AWOL Records

BBEG Entertainment

BMG Records

Blunt Recordings/TVT

Bonafide Ent.

Bungalo Records

Capitol Records

Cashmoney Records

Def Jam Records

Def Soul Records

Delicious Vinyl Records


Emerald Cut Records

EMI Records

Imperial Blew Back Records

Individual Records

Interscope Records

Island Records

Loc Down Records

Loud/RCA Records

Mean Mug Entertainment

Midwest Battle 4 Supremacy


Mocha Ent.

Needlelander Group (Concert Tours)

No Limit Records

Nu Dawn Entertainment (Bow Wow Live Tour)

On Impact Entertainment

Perspective Records

Priority Records

Raw Deal Records

Rawkus Records

Riverbend Concert Center (Smokin Grooves & Vans Warped Tours)

RTE Records

Ruff Nation

Scribble Jam

Squabble Jam

Squabble Jam Regionals

Suave House

Sucka Free

Thump Records


T.W.I.S.M. Records

Universal Records

V-Boy Records

Warner Records


Our Part:

Our street promotion / field research team works an eight-week period and reports on a bi-monthly basis (this can be adjust for the clients needs).  Prompt reports will provide you with detailed information of the inroads and progress being made by your product in the market.  Retail tracking information and DJ feedback is just two examples of this information.  Hittin Hard and Heavy are a D.U.H Street Promotions trademark.  We are on a 24/7 course to create, develop and refine new and innovative ways to bring your artist, project or event to the forefront of the most competitive industry worldwide. For example, we have a website and a vast e-mail group that we keep informed.



We cover a lot of ground to create the effect of awareness.  In the areas covered we hit:  Clubs, Retail, Hang-out spots, Malls, Clothing Stores, Beauty & Barber shops, Colleges & High Schools, Radio, Skating Rinks and ever possible event.  We don’t leave a stone unturned in promoting your account and that’s the way it should be.

(Locations and Listings available upon request).


Your Part:

1)  To service the area promptly and effectively we would need at least 80 pieces of Vinyl.  Our advantage of promoting is that we run 3rd Finger Record Pool which includes the main Radio, Club & Mobile DJ’s in the area.  We will also hit off the few DJs not in our pool and hit the major and underground stations (college & community) in our area.  Ten clean CD’s for radio play outside of mixshow.  20 videos if there are any.  We would service the local VJ’s (Basement Flavor, Urban Reality, You Must Learn, Urban Music Report & 2 The Beat) with which we have an excellent rapport and some of the VJ’s are members of our street team.   80 posters to hit the local record stores, business, and highly visible locations.  1500  Flyers & Stickers (any combination) to pass out at clubs and events.  100 Tapes & CD’s (any assortment) to give away at events, clubs, party’s and radio show giveaways.  500 Snippet Tapes is a must.  5 Radio drops would be helpful to promote the product.  Any other promotional items like key chains, T-shirts, hats, cards, etc... would likewise be helpful.  For field research, other products and events we need comparable materials to promote the product of event.  For example, if the product where cologne we would need at least 1500 samples and 3,000 flyers / postcards and 100 posters to promote the cologne.  Again we can customize everything for the client.


2)  Our strategy would be to blitz the above mentioned areas the 1st couple of weeks.  The 3rd week we would touch back with our locations for feedback and make sure visibility is high.  The 4th & following weeks would be a solid follow up and heavier giveaways once the awareness has been created.


3)  Our competitive standard fee for Cincinnati is $1500* for a 2 month/8 week period.  $1000* per following month(s) per project after first period.  For the following months needed supplies will be addressed.  This covers Cincinnati.  Our standard fee for Dayton or Columbus is $1000* for a 2 month/8 week period.  $700* per following month(s) per project after first period.   You pay for the best and you get the best !


Again plain and simple.  We control the record pool which effects what commercial radio plays.  We have DJ's in all of the major and minor clubs, at the radio stations, doing the college and mobile parties and cranking out mixtapes.  We control the community radio shows.  We actual throw a lot of events (Concerts, Squabble Jam, Party in the Park, etc…).  We are in touch with almost every dj, artist, producer, MD, PD, Club owner, Record Store, etc… in the area.  Other promoters have to come to us!  They have to come to our record pool, our radio show, our events.  So if everyone else comes to us then why start anywhere else?  Save time and start with the hub!


To Close Agreement:


You will be invoiced for full payment.  Full payment must be received upon agreement with D.U.H. Street Promotions unless otherwise agreed upon.  All checks are to be made out to and mailed to George A. Smith c/o D.U.H. Street Promotions, 2408 Walden Glen Cr., Cincinnati, OH  45231.


Only upon receipt of the payment and the signed agreement will D.U.H. Street Promotions Street representatives promote the artist (album/single), event or product.


Feel free to call me G-Fresh at (513) 851-8260.  Our fax # is (513) 851-1484.  Email address:  duh@orbitalhiphop.com .   We are looking forward to establishing a mutually advantageous relationship.






* Costs are negotiable.  Ask me about partners in other markets also.




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