Truth started out as a Hip-Hop group comprised of G-Fresh as the MC and The DJ now known as Mr. Dibbs bringing that original style of Hip-Hop in 1990. It was a product of dissatisfaction with other crews they had been involved with. It progressed into an organization to encompass a wider involvement in Hip-Hop.

G-Fresh has been involved in Hip-Hop since its early beginnings. He started out as an MC in 1981, breaking in 1982, Djaying in 1986 and producing in 1991. Mr. Dibbs (The DJ formerly known as (Trivia Question !)) was in a Cincinnati breaking crew then started Djaying in 1984. He began producing in 1989.

Truth Music Productions formed in 1991 with G-Fresh as president and Mr. Dibbs as a contracted producer. The primary function was producing Hip-Hop music. G-Fresh also started to produce R&B / Soul music as well. Both did production work for numerous local groups. Boom Break-Beats was published in 1994 by G-Fresh & Mr. Dibbs under Truth Music Productions.

Since then things have progressed. Mr. Dibbs formed the 1200 HOBOs with DJ Skip in 1993. They began to put out mix-tapes and created a name for themselves. G-Fresh & Mr. Dibbs started doing "B-Boys Underground" on WAIF 88.3 FM in Cincinnati, Ohio together. They also formed 3rd Finger Record Pool. 1996 marked the 1st year of "Scribble Jam" an old school Hip-Hop event with battles for MCs, B-Boys & DJs. Phat graffiti was a huge part since the Party was named after Scribble Magazine, a Magazine run by Nick & the rest of TSC Crew featuring local and worldwide graf pieces.

Truth Music Productions will be a force to be reckoned with into the new millennium, so keep checking for us.