November 1999

The Storm Children - Truth Music Progeny

Single Release: "Thunder" b/w "Something Kinda Funny" & "Mephisto".




Thunder Remix

Something Kinda Funny 

Something Kinda Funny Remix 



They have been preparing you for a few years. You have seen the signs outlined in the sky predicting the coming of the Storm! Rising Sun, Red Cloud & Mephisto combine the forces of nature to bring you "The Storm Children".  Fittingly the 1st official offering is titled "Thunder", an explosive track that's guaranteed to bring a change in climate for unwary listeners. An equally ominous remix is included for variety. The remix features cuts by G-Fresh & John Doe aka Rueben Starbucks of The 1200 HOBOs.  After you have experienced the bone rattling flavor from "Thunder" you will no doubt notice that there is "Something Kinda Funny In The Air". Two dynamic versions, featuring The Storm Children and G-Fresh dropping lyrical gems on the microphone. The original version features cuts by the founder of The 1200 HOBOs Mr. Dibbs (ranked # 6 Turntablist in the world by "Spin" magazine for 1999). The Buttery remix speaks for itself, hearing is believing. To round out the release, "Mephisto" is a wild, tumultuous song to get everyone amped. Originally a solo song for Mephisto; Rising Sun & Red Cloud added a verse to make it more intense. Once again Mr. Dibbs of The 1200 HOBOs is on the cut. All songs produced by G-Fresh, CEO of Truth Music Progeny.

The Storm Children have been linked for 4 years. They practice martial arts, are Rastafarians and cover a scope of topics effecting society. Their music is raw and unique featuring skilled lyricist, intelligent and energetic deliveries flavored with reggae and dub harmonies. Rhyming for nearly 10 years, The Storm Children bring a unique, natural vibe in tune with the earth and itís elements. Earth, Wind & Fire meets verbally acrobatic lyricists. The single is just the beginning. Get prepared for the LP / CD "The Storm Children: Eye Of The Storm" on Truth Music Progeny.


Truth Music Progeny was established early 1998. Founder & CEO G-Fresh put forth the efforts to make an outlet for his production talents as well as the talented artist around him. It is the home of "The Storm Children", "UnKut" & "Re-Pete". The label will be very diverse featuring many different styles of music to give audiences what they are looking for, a variety of good music. Our focus is beyond the millennium, not succumbing to the hype or hysteria. We will keep doing what we have been doing. Making Phat Music !    Ralo ! ! !



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