I have been working with Storm Children since late 1995. They are Rising Sun, Red Cloud and Mephisto. We did a solo project with the leader of The Storm Children, Rising Sun. It had positive results in shopping it around but we wanted to create more of a buzz. Turtle Island was a track on Mr. Dibbs "Evolution" Mix Tape in 1997 and the Storm Children Blew up the 1997 Scribble Jam concert with an electrifying performance. I landed a production deal through Taylor Records in New York and the Storm Children was slated to be the 1st product from that deal. Their single "Thunder" b/w "Mephisto" was to be featured on the Taylor Records compilation "The Sound" which was due out late 98 early 99.  Now everyone knows the business is shady, and thus the project never happened.  I took matters into my own hand and formed Truth Music Progeny so that we could put our product out for the masses to hear.  We revamped the single added "Something Kinda Funny In The Air" (a track that some people at Nervous Records in New York wasn't feeling, you judge for yourself) and made Mephisto the Bonus track.  We are currently getting more show together and heading back to the studio to complete the album release.  The next single will probably be out mid April.  Stay Tuned.



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