Starting out mainly as a production company shopping deals for artist I work with, it became necessary to step up to the next level.  Being from Cincinnati, Ohio it was hard to break into the circles of the Hip-Hop Industry.  Thus "Truth Music Progeny" was spawned.  It's a family thing and progeny means offspring.  Everything we do is tied together under my publishing company "Forever Unique Publishing (ASCAP)".  The name comes from the meanings of my two daughters middle names.  Since a very young age they have played a part in our production company, lending a pure ear, and pure response to music we created, so it's only fitting that I use their names.

I (G-Fresh) am the main producer dealing strictly with that phat underground hip-hop sound. Mr. Dibbs produces hip-hop as well. Lately, his production has been more in line with his unique mix tapes. We brought "Spalding XL" aka "Big Baller" in 2 years ago to produce the Gangsta, Baller, Pimp, Dirty South, etc.. type tracks.  Savoir Faire does work on R&B and mainstream rap tracks.  Our goal is to make good music in various genres of urban music.  Storm Children, Re-Pete & UnKut are 1st out the box.  Keep an eye out for Abiyah, Rob Nell, and more....


   Re-Pete    UnKut    Ghost Of Rob Nell    SupaPowers     



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